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1. Are your estimates free?
Answer: Yes, our estimates are free.
2. What services do you provide?
Answer: We are a full service landscape installation and maintenance company, specializing in both residential and commercial landscapes. We also maintain swimming pools.
3. What is your design process?
Answer: We begin with your ideas and good measurements. Landscape design is the art of combining a customer’s personality, wish list,available space, existing elements, and nature into a perfect blend of those five things. Our design process involves a lot of questions. It involves sketches, scenarios and pictures of past projects and ideas. We realize that for you this is a big decision and it is our passion to design something that excites you the moment it goes in, as well as 10 years from now. Once ideas are on paper, they go through our CAD process, which can include 3D images. The completed design is then presented to the customer with matching pricing. Most customers have a few changes. Once a plan is complete, it goes to our installation team!
4. Do you deal with the HOA?
Answer: HOA submissions are usually fairly simple. We will provide the drawing they require and sign the paperwork. The client, however, usually gets signatures from their neighbors and makes the formal submission.
5. How small of a project will you do?
Answer: On the right schedule, we will do work of any size. Smaller items generally go to our maintenance crews to do on their routes. Larger jobs are done by our installation crews. All projects are held to our highest quality standards, regardless of size.
6. How long have you been doing landscapes?
Answer: We have been landscaping since 1997
7. What are your warranties?
Answer: We generally warranty plants for 90 days. There are some situations (no water) that would void that. Workmanship is guaranteed for 1 year.
8. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
Answer: Yes. Our contractor’s license number is #76474. We are bonded, and we are insured up to $1M
9. Do you take credit cards?
Answer: Yes and no. We accept credit cards for transactions less than $1000. For transactions over $1000, the credit card fees get more significant, so the answer is no, but if the customer is willing to cover the fee, we will gladly accept payment via credit card. We also accept (and prefer) ACH payments using your checking account and routing number through the secure payment system attached to our electronic invoices.