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Asian Jasmine

This fast growing, attractive evergreen vine has glossy green leaves and fragrant, yellowish white flowers in spring.

Australian Racer Dwarf

Well-branched stems of this dense, evergreen ground cover boast small green leaves and clusters of pink blossoms.

Blue Carpet Juniper

Trailing branches and cedar-like leaves create a dense carpet of silver-blue foliage year round.

Creeping Rosemary

As a shrub or fragrant ground cover, this evergreen grows rapidly to fill in rock gardens, large containers, or edges.

Desert Carpet Acacia

Small, yellow, puff-ball flowers stand out against the thick, silvery-green leaves of this evergreen ground cover.

Flower Carpet Red Rose

Spectacular, red velvet flowers grace this easy to care for ground cover from spring until winter.

Hottentot Ice Plant

Hearty, three-edged succulent leaves contrast the bright pink and yellow flowers of this evergreen.

Lowfast Cotoneaster

This fast spreading, evergreen ground cover, loves to roam and does well on banks or large, open areas.

Prostrate Germander

Large rosy pink flowers protrude from purple buds, covering spikes of glossy, green serrated leaves.

Purple Trailing Lantana

Clusters of tiny purple flowers, with white and yellow centers, adorn this trailing foliage year round.

Yellow Lantana

Displays of bright yellow flowers, from spring through late fall, are a hallmark of this evergreen ground cover.

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