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Arapaho Red Crepe Myrtle

With a brilliant display of color, provided by flowers, leaves and bark, this deciduous shrub makes a dazzling statement.

Arizona Rosewood

One of the toughest evergreens, this flowering plant can be trained as a small tree or a dense shrub.

Baja Fairy Duster

Bright red flowers clustered along this woody shrub resemble feather dusters and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Ballerina Hawthorn

With its neat, compact form that requires little pruning, this showy evergreen shrub is also low maintenance.

Banana Yucca

This Yucca makes a dramatic accent, with its long, spine-tipped leaves and clusters of large creamy white flowers.

Bandana Red Lantana

Large flowers of the truest red, blooming heavily from spring until frost, make this Lantana a garden favorite.

Bells of Fire

This rich, red-orange flowering bush blooms continuously from spring until hard frost.

Blackfoot Daisy

This rugged, low-growing shrub is covered with lovely yellow-centered, white flowers through the summer.

Blue Nolina

Thousands of tiny white flowers on tall stalks rise up from a mound of long, narrow silvery-blue leaves.

Blue Point Juniper

The blue-green foliage of this shrub contrasts nicely with other plants and holds its color through the winter.

Brakelights Yucca

The vibrant red flowers of this tough, low maintenance plant create a dramatic effect in the garden.

British Ruellia

Also called Mexican Petunia, flowers of pink, purple, or blue cover this evergreen shrub in summer.

Butterfly Iris

Exotic, iris-like flowers burst forth from tall stalks, surrounded by sword-like leaves in fan-shaped clumps.

Catawba Purple Crape Myrtle Multi

Large clusters of brilliant purple, crepe-like flowers bloom from spring through fall amid emerald green foliage.

Chaparral Sage

Enjoy spring and summer flowers violet- blue, along with the hummingbirds and butterflies, with this beautiful sage.

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