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Aristocrat Pear Tree

An attractive form, sturdy central trunk, and spectacular spring flowers make this a garden favorite.

Beauty Plum

This tree is favored for its abundant, delicious fruit and beautiful flowers, fruit, and foliage.

Black Jack Fig

Popular for home gardens, this vigorous and fast-growing tree has a semi-dwarf form and super sweet fruit.

Black Mission Fig

Fig trees are becoming more popular in home gardens, and this tree is one of the most well-known.

Blue Palo Verde

A striking combination of bright yellow flowers and unusual blue-green bark gives this tree a unique beauty.

Bottle Tree

The interesting bottle shape, along with its smooth bark, makes this tree a unique addition to your yard.

Bradford Pear

Clusters of white flowers in the spring and red leaves in the fall make this a popular lawn and shade tree.

Brown Turkey Fig

This multi-faceted tree is enjoyed for its spreading habit, uniquely attractive foliage, and fruit of excellent quality.

Canary Island Date Palm

This massive palm with its distinctive characteristics makes a bold statement in the landscape.

Date Palm

One of the fastest growing palms, this tree grows to 60 feet or more and produces sweet, delicious dates.

Desert Willow

This small, ornamental tree adds color and fragrance to even a small yard with the graceful appearance of a willow.

Desertgold Peach

This early, vigorous, and heavy-bearing tree produces surprisingly sweet and flavorful, semi-cling peaches.

Dwarf Bearss Seedless Lime Tree

Enjoy the rich aroma of lime blossoms and an abundance of large, juicy limes for many months of the year.

Early Elberta Peach

This world’s most famous peach is prized for its superb flavor, attractive fruit, and disease resistance.

Goldmine Nectarine

The most sought after nectarine for home growing, this tree produces an abundance of flavorful, freestone fruit.

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