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Cabernet Grape

Producing one of the best known wine grapes, this vigorous vine can be used for fruit, wine, and shade.

Carolina Jasmine

Known for its highly fragrant, trumpet-shaped blossoms, the Carolina Jasmine is one of the most beautiful vines.

Chardonnay Grape

This fast-growing vine produces beautiful, small yellow-green grapes, good for white wine and eating fresh.

Concord Grape

Grapes are the most widely planted crop of fruit in the world, and Concords are a favorite.

Concord Grape

This fast-growing vine reaches 20 to 25 feet each year and produces flavorful clusters of blue-black grapes.

Hall's Honeysuckle

The heavenly fragrance of this vigorous, climbing evergreen vine is an amazing addition to any garden.

Merlot Grape

Meaning “little blackbird” in French, the Merlot vine produces clusters of soft, dark, bluish-black grapes.

Perlette Grape

Bearing three weeks earlier than Thompson Seedless, this plant produces clusters of yellow, translucent skinned grapes.

Purple Wisteria

The amazing fragrance and spectacular colored blossoms of this woody vine secure its popularity in home gardens.

Red Flame Grape

Large clusters of medium sized red grapes with a delicious sweet flavor cover this this fast-growing vine.

Star Jasmine

Prized for its highly fragrant, pinwheel-shaped blossoms, the Star Jasmine makes a lovely evergreen vine or ground cover.

Tangerine Cross Vine

Admired for its red-orange, trumpet-like flowers, this clinging vine is easily trained without support.

Thompson Seedless Grapes

This sweet, delicious grape is a favorite snack and the leading table variety.

White Banks Rose

A favorite among gardeners, this eager, climbing rose is thornless, drought tolerant, and disease resistant.

Yellow Banks Rose

Train this shrubby, climbing vine to grow just about anywhere, for an excellent show of double yellow spring flowers.

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